HAT machine for lidding boxes


Features Boix HAT

  • Capacity: Up to 1200 lids per hour 
  • Cardboard type: corrugated cardboard
  • Box types: C1 and Bliss
  • Box sizes: min 300x200x150mm to max 600x600x450mm
  • Delivery time: ±60 days (depending on season)

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Description Boix HAT

The Boix HAT machine for forming and gluing lids of corrugated board is a fully automatic box closer that provides non-series corrugated cardboard trays with a lid and closes it securely by means of gluing. The machine does its job completely automatically, so no operator is needed.

By using a high-quality box closing machine, it is possible to save a lot of time and money during the packaging process. In addition, the packaging and products are optimally protected during transport. The Boix HAT box closer can be used in a production line where uninterrupted boxes with variable heights must be automatically closed.

The machine automatically recognizes the height of the trays and has variable speeds. Thanks to a production speed of up to 1.200 lids per hour, it is possible to greatly increase the productivity of a packaging line and with a required floor area of only three pallet spaces, the Boix HAT box closing machine is very compact. 



 Possible expansions to the Boix HAT

For the Boix HAT there are no expansions available. 

View our full offer of expansions here (for the other tray forming machines).

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