FP/4-EC tray former


Features Boix FP/4-EC

  • Capacity: Up to 1440 trays per hour
  • Cardboard type: Solid and corrugated cardboard
  • Box types: Plaform, P-84, C1, open- and closed corners, L-corners
  • Box sizes: min 330x200x90mm to max 600x400x250mm
  • Delivery time: ±60 days (depending on season)

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Description Boix FP/4-EC

The FP4-EC is an automatic en adjustable machine.

Suitable for the production of a broad range of both corrugated and solid board tray designs, with or without column.

The machine has 4 speeds and erects between 900 and 1.440 trays per hour.


Possible expansions to the FP/4-EC

The Boix FP/4-EC can be expanded with the following components:

  • Pre-feeder with optional platform
  • Automatic glue filling tank system (Easyfill)
  • Cold adhesive system
  • Conveyor belt
  • PLC screen on other side machine
  • Stacker (AR-5 / AR/7)
  • Kits for other box types: Plaform, P-84, Citrus box, L-corners

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