FP-4/2M-3 tray former


Features Boix FP-4/2M-3

  • Multifunctional version of the FP-4/2M
  • Suitable for corrugated board trays with open or closed columns, 180 degrees folding on the short side and trays with ledge
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Several speeds of folding trays

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Main features Boix FP-4/2M-3

The FP4/2M-3 is the multifunctional version of the FP-4/2M and can erect practically all regular corrugated board trays.

Suitable for trays with open or closed columns, 180 degrees folding on the short side and trays with ledge.

Possibility to add kits to increase functionalities.



Possible expansions to the FP-4/2M-3

The Boix FP-4/2M-3 can be expanded with the following components:

  • Stacker
  • Tray Stop ejector
  • Counter

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