Tray former options

In addition to machines, we deliver products to increase the efficiency of your production process. You can think about devices for the machine or even line automation.

The Pre-feeder is a module that can be placed behind or next to the Boix machines. It is the solution to supply and fill the feeding system of the machine with blanks.

The capacity of the pre-feeder equals a full pallet of blanks. Due to the supply created by the pre-feeder, the feeding system needs to be filled less frequently. As a result, the operator can perform other tasks for a longer period of time, because he doesn't have to fill the feeding system.  This will lead to lower labour costs. Pre-feeders are available for various machine types. 

The stacker — at the end of the forming process — piles up the erected trays to your desired height. Therefore, the operator needs fewer proceedings to replace the trays. Boix offers several options: exit inline, exit right, exit left, and custom made stackers. 

Stacker for erected trays

Roller conveyors
Roller conveyors increase the buffer of erected trays. Boix offers both powered and non-powered roller conveyors.

Roller conveyor


Boix Fill-Easy automatic glue feed system
This option makes sure you need to fill less often your glue system. This may reduce the cost of labour. The Boix Fill-Easy automatic adhesive feed system has a capacity of 50 kg hot melt. Other advantages are the constancy of the glue applicators and the quality level of the glue. Adhesive feed systems can be delivered for practically the complete machine range.

Automatic glue feed system

Kits for setting up other box types
For more flexibility, you can add kits to set up different box types. For example trays with open column, closed column, stacking lids and double wall folding on short or long side. With this you can expand the functionalities of your tray forming machine. Please contact us to check the possibilities. 

kits tray former

Boix service contract

With a Boix Europe service contract you opt for convenience and security. You are guaranteed regular preventive maintenance and benefit from a discount on Boix parts and hourly rates. In addition, the warranty on a new machine is extended by 6 months and Boix Europe assists you with an easily accessible Service & Support department and fast delivery of spare parts.

Boix service contract

Tailormade solutions
At Boix, we believe that customer focus, efficiency, and custom made solutions are crucial. And that’s why we are highly focused on technological development. Would you like to know more about the customization options that we have to offer? Just reach out to our dedicated sales team. They'll be happy to answer all of your questions! Contact our sales team for more information.

Discuss customization options

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