Boix Europe enforces a guarantee period of 12 months covering labour and all spare parts, except for wear parts due to normal use such as belts, electrical material and suction rubber cups. The guarantee does not include the travelling and living expenses of the service technician. For the guarantee the installation will be guided by a service technician of Boix Europe. Equipment attached to our machines but not manufactured by us will be covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranty (gluing equipment, motor, vacuum pump and compressor).

Boix service contract
With a service contract from Boix Europe you opt for convenience and security. You are guaranteed regular preventive maintenance and benefit from a discount on Boix parts and hourly rates. In addition, the warranty on a new machine is extended by 6 months up to 18 months and Boix Europe assists you from The Netherlands with an easily accessible Service & Support department and fast delivery of spare parts.

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