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Boix Europe has service technicians over the whole of Europe. Every machine sold will be installed by one of our own experienced service technicians. He will train your employees in operating the machine with the support of a clear user manual.


In spite of the high degree of reliability it can of course nevertheless occur that a machine has a break down. Fortunately 90% of issues can be solved over the phone so you can resume your production process immediately. If the problem cannot be solved by phone one of our technicians will be scheduled to solve the disturbance as soon as possible. 

Preventive maintenance on your machines protects you against unnecessary production delays and down time and ensures that your systems are kept in an optimum condition. There are references available of Boix machines of 30 years and older with a total output of more than 40 million trays without considerable technical problems during these years. This success is mainly based on the use of high quality machine parts and periodic maintenance by experienced service technicians. During a routine service visit the machines are thoroughly inspected by our technicians, lubricated and adjusted. Components liable to wear which need replacement are changed directly in consultation with the customer. Finally there will be an extended trial run. Hereafter the machine can work trouble free once again as part of your production process.


When Boix Europe arranges transport, you can be assured that this will be in safe hands. Boix cooperates with several transport companies that are experienced in transporting Boix machines. Loading/unloading of the machine at location can be done by means of a dock or forklift by personnel of the end-customer. 
Below you can see a video of loading a Boix machine with a forklift. Unloading with a forklift can be performed in exactly the same way, but in opposite order.

Unloading/loading with a forklift:                                            Unloading via a loading and unloading dock:


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